Growing Together

Transformation. In Community. On Mission.

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If you read the New Testament, it doesn’t take long to discover that local church is all about authentic spiritual community. We're not called to live lives of isolation, but rather lives that demonstrate our love for one another. We long for relationships where we can keep it real, reach out together, care for each other, grow as followers of Jesus, and enjoy the journey of life together. Oakwood's groups are designed to help us experience transformation, in community, on mission.

New to Groups?

Are you looking for a great place to connect with others right away? These groups are always open to newcomers, and they will help you build your community here at Oakwood. There are groups for certain life stages and groups for all generations! Check one of them out! 

Wednesday Night Community

From birth to 100+ years old, Wednesday nights at Oakwood are for everyone. There are groups for all ages and stages of life, so that you can arrive with your family or friends but grow spiritually in a group of your peers. Choose the group category below, then look for groups hosted on Wednesday nights at Oakwood to be part of Wednesday Night Community! Parents, sign up your kids here.

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