using our years well

Fellowship, prayer and treats fuel our passion for serving God and others


The challenge in every season of life is to realize God’s divine purpose and to be an active participant in His plan. Senior Fellowship at Oakwood embraces the years our holy and gracious God has given us. Our purpose calls for engagement - mobilizing our retired community to serve in God’s kingdom, enjoy life and finish well. We embrace Oakwood's vision to be a community that loves Jesus and lives to make His love known.

Come and join us. Senior Fellowship meets every Wednesday at 10:30 am at Oakwood.

During our time together each week, over coffee and treat-laced fellowship, we reflect on God’s Word and wrap our lives in prayer as we seek to be open and available to God. We receive our age in years as a gift from God with opportunities only He could arrange.


To learn more about Senior Fellowship, reach out to the church office at (262) 367-1212.


Matthew Haslar | May 26, 2024

God's restorative work calls for our joyful worship. Join us for our one 9 a.m. worship service, which is streamed on YouTube. More