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We believe that the church is not a building or a leader, rather it's the body of people. We wouldn't be Oakwood without those who use their gifts to glorify God. And we love to see people use their gifts to serve our church family and the community. There are many ways to use your skills through Oakwood. 

Join us Sunday mornings, Aug. 8 - 22, from 9-9:30 a.m. to learn about serving opportunities. Look for the green flags to chat with our staff about your gifts and how you'd like to share them with our community. We'll share with you a free Mama D's drink coupon. If you'd like to meet with us during the week, email and she'll connect you with the right ministry.

If you have other gifts to use than what's listed below, reach out to Nate Stenholtz and we'll find a place for you. Already know how you want to serve? Sign up here.



A warm welcome is something we're proud of at Oakwood. Our welcoming team greets attenders, welcomes guests and shares information about our ministries. This team is a good fit for: 

  • Outgoing, friendly people
  • Those who love to jumping and be helpful

Contact: Sarah Hayden

worship + creative arts

From Sunday morning worship to special events, our Worship + Creative Arts teams creates a worship-centered atmosphere at Oakwood. This team is best for: 

  • Musicians (singers, instrumentalists)
  • Artists (stage design, artists, graphic designers, photographers/videographers)
  • Technicians (sound board operators, computer pros)

Contact: Tom Hooper

Chair Team

Ensuring we have a proper place for everyone to sit during the worship experiences is important to us. We also love the flexibility of our Worship Center to be a large, open space for group meetings and activities. That means we need agile volunteers to help us make sure the chairs in the Worship Center are in place when they need to be and removed when they're not needed. This ministry is great for people who:

  • Have the agility to lift and move stacks of chairs
  • Are available on Sunday mornings

Contact: Don Douglas

Security + Medical

Things can happen, so we like to be prepared. Our security teams and medical teams are trained professionals who follow special protocol for keeping Oakwood a safe place to worship. This team is a good fit for: 

  • Doctors, nurses, EMT/Paramedics, etc.
  • Police officers, security professionals, etc.

Contact: Nate Stenholtz


If food service is your career or passion, we could use you at Oakwood! We have our own full-service kitchen that can cook up meals or prep the latest lattes. This team is best for: 

  • Food service professionals (chefs, servers, baristas, supply chain pros)
  • Students and families

Contact: Nate Stenholtz

Care Connection (Meal Ministry)

Help others in their time of need by cooking up a meal or purchasing a gift card. Read more about our meal ministry or participate if you:

  • Love to cook
  • Gift others during a time of need

Contact: Julie Pylkas

Kids Ministry

If you enjoy the energy and smiles from children, consider being a part of our Kids Ministry. This team is best for: 

  • Those with enjoy working with kids in 5th grade and younger
  • Educators
  • Parents/grandparents/guardians

Contact: Nate Stenholtz

Student Ministry

The teen years are some of the most critical in a child's life. Adults have the opportunity to make a big impact in a student's life in our Student Ministry. This team is best for: 

  • Those with enjoy working with kids in 6th-12th grade
  • Educators
  • Parents/grandparents/guardians

Contact: Myles Hanson


We offer many group options for adults and are always looking for leaders. This team is best for: 

  • Those who love to see others grow in their relationship with Jesus
  • Those with strong listening skills, the ability to ask good questions and a commitment to personal growth

Contact: Marcus Constantine


Talking with God is an essential part of our relationship with Him. If you enjoy praying for others and helping advance His kingdom through prayer, consider our Prayer Team. This team is best for:

  • Anyone and everyone (from the youngest to the oldest and everyone in between)!

Contact: Scott Walker


We know weeding isn't everyone's favorite chore, but it's one of many important jobs for the groundskeeping team. We also need support maintaining Mission Field. This team is best for:

  • Those who love the outdoors
  • Those with a green thumb
  • Those who adore alone time on a lawn mower

Contact: Don Douglas

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