Students: Week of Sept. 19, 2022

by Daryl Donovan on September 20, 2022

Hello Oakwood Families,

This week our Wednesday evening community continues our journey in Philippians. 

Our theme is "Free in Christ in Prison," as we consider Philippians 1:12-19.

Here are some of the questions we will be considering in our small groups:

  1. How could Paul being in prison be a good thing?
  2. How did Paul being in prison encourage other Christians?
  3. Does everyone who preaches about Jesus do it for the right reasons?
  4. How can God still work through even those who maybe preach for the wrong reasons?
  5. How could Paul be so joyful?
  6. What if you were put in prison for being a Christian? Would you see it as a good thing or a bad thing?
  7. How can you encourage other Christians this week?


MIDDLE SCHOOL FALL RETREAT | We have reserved the camp for Oct. 28-30. Before we confirm the dates, we must be sure we have an adequate number of volunteers to manage the camp well. We will keep you posted! Please pencil it on the calendar NOW!

I am so grateful for the volunteers who serve with our students on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, and other opportunities in between! We are blessed with more than 20 volunteers, assuring that we have a dynamic, Christ-honoring, life-transforming Student Ministry! Be sure to pass on a thank you to these faithful volunteers.

A JOY to serve JESUS with YOU!

Pastor Daryl

OSM Volunteer Interim Coordinator

Here's a note from our Sunday volunteer coordinator, Chris Schmidt..
Hello parents,
This Sunday we will be covering Commandment 4 and talking about the Sabbath. The notes for Sunday morning are attached here. We will also be sharing opportunities for students to volunteer on Sunday mornings in the class with us. Opportunities will include the Student Welcome Team (help with sign ups, icebreaker, and making others feel welcome), the Tech Team, and the Music Team (depending on interest, this will range from help picking out music to singing in front of the group). We will discuss a few more details after first service on Sunday. If your student cannot make it, please reach out to me separately and we can get them plugged in if they are interested.
Thank you all and have a great week,

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