The Ultimate Regift

by Debby Rowe on March 29, 2023

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights...” James 1:17

Have any of you given a gift you’ve received to another? Well, occasionally I have. Perhaps Emily Post, the mother of etiquette, would be appalled but I’d prefer to think that my actions are justified under the guise that I’m “paying it forward.”

On one special occasion, my in-laws gave me a valuable necklace. It was the most expensive piece of jewelry I owned outside of my wedding ring. Within a week the clasp broke and it was lost. I was devastated but out of great love and great expense, my in-laws bought and regifted (literally “gave again”) another identical necklace to replace the lost one. They modeled a great truth.

God originally gave us His good gift of a perfectly created world and His presence with our distant ancestors. We broke that gift, spiritually, relationally, and physically. We don’t need to look far to observe we live in a totally broken, messy world. Yet God loved us too much to leave us with, and in, our broken gift. He gave again. He regifted His perfect Son, Jesus, to heal the brokenness (John 3:16). As we personally accept the gift of Jesus we are spiritually healed. Old story—powerful truth.

Yet it doesn’t end there. We are commanded to regift! In Jesus’ name and in His power, we’re to take God’s healing message to the broken world (Mathew 28:18-20). Spiritually, we’re to reconnect broken people to Him. Relationally, we’re to reconcile families, races and ideologies. Physically, we’re to restore, protect and advocate for His created beings and created world. We are not to be idle. Emily Post or not, God has called us to “pay it forward” and regift!

Lord, thank You for Your precious gift, Jesus. Now search my heart and show me if I’m idle in my salvation, refusing to share this gift I’ve received. Empower me through Your Spirit to boldly step out and help heal this broken world with Your redeeming and restoring message. Help me to look for opportunities. Amen.

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