With Jesus, we'll work side-by-side to build a great marriage

Marriage Ministry Team

Our Marriage Ministry Team is passionate about successful marriages. Not because their marriage is perfect. Only because they know that a nurtured, Christ-centered relationship is a healthy one. 

Each couple has been through the Great Marriages training and is knowledgeable about the Prepare/Enrich curriculum. After you complete the Marriage Ministry registration form, we'll pair you with a mentor couple that best suits your relationship needs. 

Meet Our Marriage Ministry Team
TOM + Laura cherone
Anniversary: October 24, 1976

"We've weathered many relational, parental and family challenges that have strengthened and improved us as individuals and spouses, as well as our commitment to continue learning and growing together. We're excited to contribute what we've learned to benefit other couples and for the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their marital journey."

marcus constantine + bridget kilbride
Anniversary: April 21, 2012

"We have personally seen the power of marriage mentoring and the Prepare/Enrich material. We had a mentor couple walk beside us in the first couple years of our marriage. They are treasured friends to this day. The healthy habits we formed and the tools we received have journeyed with us over these years!"

Dan + Mikaela gitto
Anniversary: September 25, 2015

"We are high school sweethearts and have been through many life transitions together already. We have learned that while marriage is wonderful, it has a way of highlighting your own selfishness. Marriage takes a lot of hard work! God has placed many people in our life to help us be successful, so we would love to be that support for others."

Greg + jamie mandigo
Anniversary: July 1, 2006

"We feel that marriage is one of life’s greatest adventures and hope to convey that through our mentorship. Every marriage is filled with tremendous potential! We are excited to help couples unlock this potential as they commit to invest in their marriage and build a stronger relationship, together."  

scott + sarah walker
Anniversary: June 18, 2011

"We are enjoy partnering together as a couple to teach valuable skills to other couples. We want to help engaged or newly married couples deepen their own relationships."

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