Celebrate God

by Sarah Duwe on August 03, 2022

When’s the last time you celebrated God?

Pastor Daryl asked us this question during Sunday’s message about the Feast of Tabernacles mentioned in John 7.

The Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot is a celebration of God’s provision, His presence, and a reminder of the journey the Jews made out of exile (Here’s a video explanation). The Jewish community celebrates Sukkot by building small huts, waving certain greenery, feasting on food and sharing it with neighbors, and celebrating. Loud, happy, joyful celebrations to God!

When is the last time you celebrated God like that?

Maybe Christmas or Thanksgiving? Why not now?!

Here is a list of 10 ideas for how you can celebrate God this month. Don’t wait until the holidays! Enjoy the gifts He’s given you, and praise Him for them always.

  1. Pitch a tent in your backyard, and have a campout, thanking God for His provisions.
  2. Bake a special dessert (bonus points if it includes dates, the fruit of the palm tree branches that are waived during Sukkot), and enjoy it with your family.
  3. Turn on worship music, and have a dance party for Jesus.
  4. Invite friends over for a lively dinner (party hats and horns encouraged), celebrating all God has provided for you.
  5. Go to each room of your house, and pause in each room to praise God for dwelling with you and in you.
  6. Sit quietly for 7 minutes (the number of days in the festival), and invite God to dwell with you in that moment.
  7. Draw a picture that portrays God’s provision, and put it up in your home.
  8. Make a list of all God has provided for you this year, and thank Him for it.
  9. Take a step outside, and shout “Thank You, Jesus!”
  10. Make up a gift basket of food, and share it with a neighbor, service member, retirement home, etc.

Have other ideas? Share them with us!

And be sure to tell us how you celebrated God’s provision and presence this month.

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