The Seven Churches of Revelation


Study with Us

Imagine we knew that God was going to visit our church and give us an assessment. How do you think we would do? What metrics would He even use to measure us? In Revelation 2-3, we see God giving an assessment to seven different churches. Some of the churches He has only praise for, others only things against, and some are a mix of the two. By studying these two chapters, we can begin to see what is important to God for His churches and the standard by which He judges. It is not about our church size, our building, or our budget, but about our love, perseverance, authenticity, repentance, faithfulness, witness, and dependance on Him.  

How It Works

From Jan. 7 - Feb. 18, the whole church will study a different metric from one of the seven churches of Revelation each week. Reflection questions will be provided for your own self-assessment, as well as for group discussion. We'll also provide opportunities to put what we learn into practice and the opportunity to share those so we can celebrate how God is working through Oakwood.

Join a Group

This is a great time to connect with a group at Oakwood! Let's encounter Jesus together and discover how to grow as His disciples. Join us as we pursue transformation, in community, on mission.


Pick Up a Notebook

Grab a free custom notebook at Oakwood to follow along. It will give you plenty of space to take message notes and reflect on the weekly questions. The inside cover provides a blueprint for the series, as well as a place to summarize your findings.

Weekly Questions