We've Got It Backwards

by Jim Corbett on April 27, 2022

“And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and yielded up his spirit. And behold, the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom…”  Matt. 27:50-51 ESV

Few of us, as believers, see the verses above as an invitation to a permanent address change, an invitation from God Himself to enter the Holy of Holies for an intimate relationship with Him. Think of it: The Creator of all things has requested us to come close to Him whenever we desire, so He can share Himself and all He is with us.

Most of us exchange that invitation from God for the demands of the enemy; we’re so busy doing things, even good things, that we find it difficult to schedule intimate times in that special place with our Father. Then we wonder why we’re so weak and incapable of living the life Jesus made available to us. We’re so busy doing that we have no time for receiving from and becoming like Him! How silly and how backwards!

As believers, we have the wonderous opportunity and privilege to devote 100% of our time to an intimate relationship with God. Anything that distracts us from that intimacy—unless ordained by God—should be considered an unwelcome intrusion. That distraction may look important, but it could very well be a hindrance that’s meant to keep us weak and vulnerable.

Here’s a good illustration to introduce into your life: Consider a little child, sitting on their daddy’s lap as they enjoy each other’s company. That is home base in your relationship with Father God as you learn to know Him and discover what He desires of you. When God puts something on your heart, you stay with Him as the Holy Spirit makes changes in you. If He asks you to do something, you move out with the Holy Spirit to accomplish it and then rush back to home base where He is waiting for you.

We have it backwards. Instead of being too busy to find time for intimacy with our Father in heaven, we should be figuring out what intrudes on our time with the Lord and consider those things a recipe for weakness. Those things restrict God’s power in us to glorify Him and overcome the world as Jesus did. The privilege of continual intimacy with Father God is our heritage through Jesus. When are we going to honor His life, death, and resurrection by accepting the amazing invitation we’ve been given?

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