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Middle School: Week of February 17, 2020
Feb 19, 2020

This Wednesday we're going to be starting our book study of 1 Timothy! We'll be going through major themes and discussing what Paul was looking to let his young companion know during their travels through this book. Be sure to ask your student what they're seeing in Scripture for young people!
And on Sunday we'll be continuing CBE. We're going to be in Obadiah 1 and Ezekiel 33 over this week, please help your students to remember to read over this week. We'll be discussing how we learn to love God and love others through these two chapters in our small groups this week.
For those of you who have students in our worship team, we have a rehearsal on Wednesday (19th) at 5:15 - 6:15 as well as Wednesday the 26th at the same time in the Middle School Room. See you there!
There's also a "Guys and Girls Night" on March 13th. We'll be meeting together to give students opportunities to share about their experiences with anything that pertains to dating. Guys and girls will be split for the night and will be hanging out with caring small group leaders to provide support, encouragement, and advice. We'll also do a game or two, should be a lot of fun! We'll be meeting from 6:30 - 8:00 pm, let me know if you have any questions!
And lastly, this weekend is Phase Day! Sign ups end this week, please sign up to join us for conversations for all of your students between Kindergarten and Senior year. Middle school students, with their parent or guardian, will be going through "Matrix" which is all about seeing how our spiritual gifts, talents, passions, and experiences all combine for a unique goal or task for your student in God's Kingdom, at home, school, and/or community. It's going to be a great time! Cost is $5 per student and will run from 9:00am (breakfast served) to 11:00am. Click HERE to sign up today! 
Thanks for taking a look at this long list of stuff! Please let me know if there's anything I can answer! Have a great week!
Middle School Director

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Preschool & Elementary School: Week of February 17, 2020
Feb 19, 2020

Hi Families! 

WEDNESDAY, February 19th—Here’s what we’re learning


As we continue searching the Scripture for treasure, we’ll learn the books of History in the Old Testament—Joshua through Esther. These books tell us what happened to God’s people in the Promised Land. They also teach us about God’s laws and God’s forgiveness. 

PRESCHOOL: (3 years old through Kindergarten)

This week we’ll meet Esther. Esther loved God and lived in a strange land with her uncle. God had a special plan for Esther. Esther had to be brave and trust God, and God helped her save His people! God will help us be brave, too! 


Here’s what we’ll be talking about on SUNDAY, February 23rd-

Elementary—God Leads
Matthew 3-4 (Temptation in the Wilderness)

Last week we met John, the cousin of Jesus. God used John to prepare the way (and people’s hearts) for Jesus. One day Jesus came to John to be baptized. This surprised John, but Jesus insisted, setting an example for each of us to follow. 

After Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. Jesus fasted this entire time, which means he didn’t have anything to eat. As you can imagine, Jesus was really hungry. That’s when the enemy, Satan, came to tempt Him. 

Ever since creation, Satan has wanted to put an end to God’s rescue plan. Satan tries to tempt Jesus to do something that He shouldn’t and sin. But Jesus uses God’s Word to fight off Satan. He didn’t do anything that would displease God. 

We can do the same thing when we are tempted to do something wrong. God’s Word will lead us and keep us safe from whatever Satan wants us to do wrong.

At Home Weekly: TRUStory 

February Bible Verse: Hebrews 4:16


Preschool—God Protects
Daniel 3 (Fiery Furnace) 

Long ago, three young Israelite men—Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego—lived in Babylon and worked for King Nebuchadnezzar. The king built a giant statue of gold and ordered everyone to worship it. But Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego loved God and wouldn’t worship the statue. They would only worship God, because they knew He is the one true God. The king was very angry they wouldn’t obey his order and commanded the three young men to be thrown in a giant fiery furnace. But after the men were thrown inside, King Nebuchadnezzar saw them just walking around! They weren’t burning up! God protected them. So Nebuchadnezzar had the young men taken out. Because God protected Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the king believed in God and ordered everyone in his kingdom to respect God, too. 

February Bible Verse: Psalm 143:10a


2 Year Olds– Jesus is Powerful
(John 9:1-12) Healing of the Blind Man
Foundational Truth: God Loves Me 

We’ll be looking at the healing of the blind man again this week, helping our little ones understand that Jesus loves them so much. In this story, Jesus puts mud on the eyes of the blind as part of the healing process. This is a beautiful connection to creation and the Creator. Man was formed from the dust of the earth. Jesus, the Creator, uses dirt/mud to bring about healing for this man, and ultimately restores his heart to wholeness and fellowship with God. 

Jesus wants the same for us today! He wants to heal our brokenness and have a relationship with us. Helping your little ones understand that God loves them is so important. He gave His one and only Son, Jesus, just for them!

At Home Weekly: TRUBlessings 



Our offerings this past Sunday came to $12.75 towards our next offering project. Yay! 


God bless your week~ 

Becci Terrill
Children’s Ministries Director
262-844-3201 (cell)
262-367-1212 (office)


Energizing the Next Generation to Love God,
Love Others and Make Disciples



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High School: Week of February 17, 2020
Feb 19, 2020


February Options! For the month of February we are breaking out into smaller groups for three different options. Students have the opportunity to once again engage Scripture through Art Journaling, others can explore church history and our final is Bible Project video studies continuing this week with the theme of Reading Scripture. All students have the freedom to choose their option. 


This Wednesday small groups will begin a new Right Now Media video series, Control, which addresses the control factors in our lives. God, parents, institutions and self will all be considered in the conversation. 

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Grief Ministry: GriefShare & Heaven Study
Feb 12, 2020

After the funeral, when the cards and flowers stop coming, most of the people around you return to their normal lives. But your grief continues and you feel alone.

Often, friends and family want to help you, but don't know how. That's the reason for GriefShare, a grief support group led by caring people who've experienced grief. GriefShare has the care you need and information you can trust.

Our next GriefShare series will be offered in the spring of 2020, for adults over 18. Register using the button below if you'd like to join us for help and encouragement after the death of a spouse, child, family member or friend. (Suggested donation for workbook and materials is $20.)

GriefShare is a network of 12,000+ churches worldwide; it's nondenominational and features biblical concepts for healing from your grief.

Spring 2020 GriefShare:
Tuesdays from 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the Journey/Library.
March 17 - June 23



Have you experienced loss due to death recently? Does it make you long to know more about heaven? 

Join us for a 9-week study by Randy Alcorn, exploring the picture of heaven as it's described in God's Word. 

Thursdays from 6:30-8:00 pm 
March 19 - May 14

RSVP below!




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Middle School: Week of February 10, 2020
Feb 11, 2020


Hey all!
This week Wednesday we'll be looking at how we can love others through acts of kindness and service! We'll look at how Jesus served and why serving others is both a benefit for the server and the served. And make sure to ask your student about how they may be serving you after this Wednesday!
And on Sunday we'll be looking at Jeremiah 2 & 7 for our CBE reading. CBE is still going strong, be sure to help remind your student to be reading over the week before Sunday hits. Even taking some time to talk with your student about the chapters together would be awesome! 
Phase Day is an intentional environment for parents and kids to engage, or re-engage, in important conversations of faith development. Phase Day 2020 will feature the Matrix Waypoint for middle schoolers - focusing on understanding your uniqueness. Click HERE for more information and to register.
And lastly, on March 13th we'll be having a Guys and Girls Night at the church. This will be an event to get together with caring adults and small group leaders to allow students to ask questions and share about dating with those who can provide encouragement and help. We'll be looking at dating as an overall topic in March on Sunday mornings, I'll be sure to set you up with what we're talking about in the next week!
Let me know if you have any questions!

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MS Guys and Girls Event
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A place for students to share about their experiences with anything that pertains to dating. Guys and girls will be split for the night and will be hanging out with...

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After the funeral, when the cards and flowers stop coming, most of the people around you return to their normal lives. But your grief continues and you feel alone. Often...

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