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High School Ministry Blog: Week of September 24, 2018
Sep 25, 2018



Fundraising Opportunity - Divine Consign Cafe
Help needed Monday, October 15 - Saturday, October 20. Click HERE for more information and to sign up. 


2019 Guatemala Mission Trip is June 21-29. Pick up an info booklet in the office. The next training is October 7th during second hour (topic - poverty).
College Resource - Christian College Fair - October 8th in New Berlin. Click HERE for details.  
Save the Date - Bonfire - October 26th ...

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Women's Thursday Afternoon Small Group // Fall 2018
Sep 20, 2018

Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible 

This studyby well-known Bible-teacher Kay Arthur, will lead us to examine Scripture and specifically mark the text to unlock its meaning. Our goals will be to understand what we are reading, recognize key words and concepts, discern God’ s purpose for the passage of Scripture and apply life-changing truths to everyday life. 

This is a very practical, hands-on, learn-by-doing Bible study. Biblical text and space to write insights are included in the book. Bring a pen, a few colored pencils... and a prayerful heart to complete each study and experience the Bible’ s life-changing power. 

When: Thursday afternoons, October 11-December 13 (NOT November 22) 

1:00-2:30 p.m. 
At Melissa Whitehead’s home 

Suggested donation: $9


Oakwood Church Ministry Blogs

High School Ministry Blog: Week of September 17, 2018
Sep 18, 2018




The 2019 mission trip to Guatemala will take place next June 21-29.  Please join Josh for a recommended training on Sept 23, from 10:30-11:30am.



Click HERE for all the fun details!

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Middle School Ministry Blog: Week of September 17, 2018
Sep 18, 2018

Happy Midweek! Hope all is panning out for this week!
This Wednesday the Middle School students will be talking about the start of the school year and goal setting to hep make this year a great year. We'll be looking at Psalm 127:1 as a framework for why having God at the center of our plans matters so much, so be sure to ask your student about this verse and take a look for yourself, too!
Sunday we'll be hearing from a very inspirational man, Nick Vujicic, about running the right race. Our identity determines our actions and responses and Nick Vujicic has a knack for making identity a reality in those he speaks to. Also, the worship band will be having their first performance this Sunday! Be praying for the hearts of our students for this newer element of Middle School Ministry.


We have our first event on September 21st! Game Night will be held at Myles and Nicole Hanson's new home from 6-8pm. There's no cost, just bring a snack and/or drink to share with the rest of those who come. We'll be playing and teaching board games as well as building friendships with others for that time. Click HERE for more details and to register. 


And our Fall Retreat is coming up on October 5-7th. We'll be camping at Lake Waubesa Bible Camp. Last day to register is on October 1st. Information can be found online and through Myles at the Middle School Room! Hope to see you there! Click HERE for more details and to register. 

See you soon!

Myles "Tails" Hanson
Middle School Director

Oakwood Church Ministry Blogs

Preschool & Elementary Ministries Blog: Week of September 17, 2018
Sep 18, 2018

Here’s what we’ll be talking about on Sunday, September 23- 

Elementary—God is Lord of All
Genesis 12-16 (The Promise/Abraham) 

This week we’ll meet Abram, or Abraham, as he will be called, the man who came to be the father of the Jewish nation. 

When Abram was 75 years old, God told him to leave his country, his people and his father’s household and go to a land that He would show him. Think about that for a minute. But God didn’t stop there. God promised Abram that he would be a great nation, and that his name would be great and that all people on earth would be blessed through him. Wow! 

The Bible says that Abram didn’t even hesitate. Abram left everything to start a new life with God. God had a greater plan for Abram. Through Abram, Jesus would be born and all people on earth would be blessed. We are part of the many nations God promised to Abram. 

At Home Weekly Tru Story

September Bible Verse: Deuteronomy 7:9


Preschool—God is a Promise Keeper
Genesis 6-9 (Noah & the Flood) 

As the years passed after God created Adam & Eve, the world filled with bad people who refused to listen to and obey God. The Bible says God was “grieved” that He had made man, so He decided to “wipe mankind from the face of the earth.” God could only find one man who loved Him. His name was Noah. 

God remembered the promise He made to send a Redeemer, so He saved Noah and his family and a few of every kind of animal from the flood. God asked Noah to build an ark, which is where they all lived for a year. When the flood had stopped and dry land appeared again, Noah, his family and all of the animals in the ark came out of the ark. God made another promise with Noah—never again to destroy all of life with a flood. God put a rainbow in the sky so all who see it would remember His promise. God is a promise keeper. 

At Home Weekly Tru Wonder

September Bible Verse: Psalm 33:1


2 Year Olds–God Made People
Genesis 1-2 (Adam & Eve) Foundational Truth: God made Me 

We’ll spend the next two weeks learning that God made people. We are made in God’s image. God created us to have relationship with Him and with others. 

This is going to be fun! Helping children understand that God made each of them—different, yet the same in many ways. Don’t we have an amazing God?! Yes we do!!! 

At Home Weekly Tru Blessings 


Kids Quest Offering—Advent Conspiracy
Our offerings this past Sunday came to $7.39 bringing our total offerings to $24.27!


Operation Christmas Child is Back!

Operation Christmas Child is a great way for kids to make a difference in the life of a child around the world. Kids learn to give to others and can see how God works through their gifts. All you have to do is pick up one of the shoeboxes provided, and follow the directions on the insert or online to fill the shoebox. Then return the filled shoebox to the OCC booth at Oakwood no later than Sunday, November 11th. Be sure to add a check for $9 to help with shipping charges. We’ll take them to the area drop off site for pick-up and distribution. It’s really that easy! Let’s see if we can help 200 children this year with our shoebox gifts!


Wednesday Night~

  • Preschoolers will be learning that God made animals.
  • Elementary kids will be looking at the Incredible Faith of Abraham as he obeyed God not matter what He asked.



This Waypoint is primarily for new parents, but any parent or grandparent who desires to pass on a Spiritual Legacy to the next generation is welcome to attend. You will learn about some of the most important decisions you could ever make for the ones you love the most. Spiritual Legacy is offered bi-annually. We encourage participation in this Waypoint as a step in the journey for Child Dedication

WHEN: Sunday, October 14 from 10:30-11:30am

WHERE: Oakwood Church
Middle School Room - Lower Level

COST: $5/family


Have a blessed week~ 

Becci Terrill
Children’s Ministries Director
262-844-3201 (cell)
262-367-1212 (office)


Energizing the Next Generation to Love God,
Love Others and Make Disciples


Coming Events

Women's Tuesday Small Group
Every Tuesday, from 09/11/2018 to 11/06/2018, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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Kids Quest - Incredible Faith
Every Wednesday, from 09/12/2018 to 11/28/2018, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

The Bible is filled with stories of people whose faith in God allowed them to do incredible things. Hear their stories and learn how God can do incredible things through...

Wednesday Night Community // Fall 2018
Every Wednesday, from 09/12/2018 to 11/14/2018, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

WNC is designed for this time and this place...for us to connect in meaningful ways with each other and with Jesus, to make a difference in the lives of others…to...

Just Among Moms // Fall 2018
Every Thursday, from 09/13/2018 to 11/29/2018, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Please click the button below to find out more and to register for Just Among Moms Just Among Moms information and registration

Small Group Launch: Trivia Night
Sunday, September 30, 2018, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

YOU'RE INVITED to BE ENLIGHTENED about small groups at Oakwood on Sunday evening, September 30 This is an evening for our current small groups to come together to enjoy...

Middle School Fall Retreat
Daily from 10/05/2018 to 10/07/2018

The Fall Retreat is a time for middle schoolers to spend time outdoors by the lake, learn about godly friendships, and deepen their understanding of who God is.  Oh...

Touched Twice Lake Country
Saturday, October 13, 2018, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

FREE CLINIC. FREE CARE. Physical Care Mental health resources Dental care and procedure vouchers Medical and vision screenings and care Mammogram...

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