Where will the gospel take you?


Our Year-Long Movement

Each year, Lead Pastor Roger Ellis chooses a ministry theme. This year's theme is Entrusted and we're keeping it going all year long! From Sept. 2021 to Aug. 2022, join us as we listen to God's prompting for each of our lives, walk along side each other as we pursue His desire for our hearts and inspire each other with the amazing work He's doing through us.

How it works

Step 1

Begin with prayer. Ask God how He's entrusting you with the gospel.

Step 2

Tell us how God is prompting you to share the gospel -- big or small!

Step 3

We will help you on your Entrusted journey by connecting you with a group, sharing resources, finding volunteer opportunities, etc. 

Step 4

Check in with us every once in a while to share how Jesus is moving the gospel through Oakwood.

Introducing our Rabbi King

Marcus Constantine | January 23, 2022

Join us in-person at 9 or 10:30 a.m. The 9 a.m. worship experience is live-streamed on YouTube. More