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Want to meet other Oakwood women?  

Want to get together with others who share your interests?  

Want a casual environment to invite friends and neighbors to hang out with Oakwood women? 

The NEW Gather ministry brings women together around shared interests with the purpose of deepening friendships and making new ones! Women of Oakwood will generate small-scale events, which are meant to be natural and spontaneous opportunities for gathering. 

 How it works: 

  • Think of an activity you like to do or an event you'd like to attend that others could join you in doing. 
  • Post description in the Gather Facebook group to invite others (post in the discussion section, maybe with a relevant photo). **You’ll find the group linked to the We Women Facebook page. 
  • Connect with those who can come and share details. 
  • Meet up and have fun! 

 This is a public Facebook group so you can easily share with and invite other women. We suggest sharing home addresses, phone numbers, emails, or other personal details via messenger. 

Ideas are unlimited! 

 Go on a hike, 
    Attend a class at a craft store, 
        Put together a puzzle, 
            Go ice skating, 
               Visit an art museum, 
                   Host a game night, 
                       Meet for coffee... 

 (You’ll notice that we have a few guidelines on the group page. Please help us make this a comfortable place for all!) 

...And we’ll host a few larger gatherings, like movie screenings, throughout the year too! 

Find us on Facebook here. 

Want to hear a little more? Watch this

Gather Ministry Launch with Sarah and Mikaela from Oakwood Church on Vimeo.

*The Moments ministry is being disbanded in lieu of this NEW ministry. 



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