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Community Bible Experience 2019

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Read big. Read real. Read together.

Community Bible Experience is a different way to read the Bible: less like a reference book, more like a story. It’s a new way to talk about the Bible, too: less like a Bible study, more like a book club. Let’s begin an unforgettable journey—and reignite our passion for the Scriptures.

We've been told a lot of things about the Bible. We know it's important. We know we should read it.

But we just don't.

What if there's a reason? And what if it isn't just apathy or laziness or busyness? What if it's the way we read?

Community Bible Experience offers an immersive approach to Scripture. Not a verse here or a chapter there, but whole books read in their original context. It’s not another Bible study. It’s a fresh, open conversation about the Bible—one that anyone can join.

Read big.

Community Bible Experience starts with a 40-day journey through The Writings of the Old Testament (Chronicles -Song of Songs, Lamentations, and Daniel). Reading five days a week, around 14 pages a day, you'll experience every word.



We’ll send you a short email each day before you read with links to the audio version and Oakwood's  podcast … helping  you connect with the stories, type of biblical genre and Bible teachings.


Read real.

We've designed a Bible that lets you experience Scripture as it was meant to be read less like a reference book, more like a story. There are no chapter and verse numbers, no cross-references, no red letter. The Books of the Bible restores the text to a more authentic presentation, helping you see Scripture in its original context and uncover its original beauty.

Read together.

This is not like any other Bible study you’ve done because it’s not a Bible study. It’s more like a book club. There are no workbooks to fill out. No fill-in-the-blank answers to easy questions. Instead, groups gather once a week simply to discuss, ponder, and reflect together.

Community Bible Experience welcomes everyone into an honest, open conversation about the Bible.

Starting this January for eight weeks, as an entire church, let's take the challenge to read all of The Writings in 40 days together.

Imagine what God has in store for us as we are saturated in His Word...all together!

We’ll be using uniquely-formatted copies of Books of the Bible-The Writings. You can pre-order and/or pre-purchase your copies here. Books are $6 each; be sure to order one per participant - this is the one time we don't encourage you to share! Books will be available for pickup starting Sunday, January 6, 2019.

Book Order

Our current in-home and on-site small groups will be meeting weekly for those eight weeks (mid-January through the first week of March). We'll be adding additional in-home small groups that meet during the week, several on-site small groups at Wednesday Night Community (gender-specific and co-ed), and at least one that meets on Sunday mornings.

If you’d like to join a new small group for those eight weeks, please let us know below and we’ll get the list of options to you.

Small Group Information

CBE Reading Plan
CBE Leader's Guide
Open CBE Small Groups/Book Clubs

Be together.

You and your family are invited to a special CBE Night of Worship on Friday, February 15, featuring familiar worship as well as original songs and spoken word written in response to our CBE reading. Let us know you'll be there!

Night of Worship Registration

Join us for an informal Q&A with Pastor Roger on Sunday, March 3, at noon where he'll answer your submitted questions regarding something you've read during CBE. Register here to attend. Submit your CBE questions below:

Q & A Lunch with Pastor Roger

CBE Podcasts

One of the ways that you can listen to your CBE daily readings is by downloading Oakwood's CBE podcast titled "Oakwood O.T."

If you're new to podcasts, below are online tutorials to get started on your smartphone or tablet. Once you've subscribed or downloaded an episode, you're able to listen to it anywhere without accessing wifi or using data.

For IPHONE click HERE  and for ANDROID click HERE.

If you'd prefer to listen to the podcast on your computer, use this LINK.




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