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Children's Digital Ministry: Week of June 1, 2020

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Hi Families! 

This summer we’re going to switch up what we’re learning from God’s Word and head to the book of Hebrews. In Hebrews 11, God talks to us about faith. God says that without faith it is impossible to please Him. Wow! That must mean faith is really important. 

It is! 

But that doesn’t mean faith is easy to understand. You see, faith is actually believing in something that you can’t see, and then acting on your belief. It’s easy to say you have faith, or believe in something that you can’t see, but it’s quite another thing to act on your faith and trust the One who does see. 

Kids are concrete thinkers (and some adults, too!), which means they need to see, feel, touch, or smell something for it to be real. Faith isn’t something you can hold in your hands, but you can feel the effects and see the results of faith. 

This week, as we talk about faith, we’re going to be doing a lot of activities to help kids understand that even though they can’t see God, we can have faith that He exists and that He will care for us as we trust and believe what He says. 

In the weeks to come, we’ll be looking at the lives of people in Hebrews 11, who had faith in God, and even though they couldn’t see Him, they trusted Him to do what He said. God did some incredible things through them because of their faith! 

God wants to do incredible things through our lives, too! We just need to have faith and trust Him to do what He says.

Our Lesson this Week: Faith Is Believing in What We Can’t See
Hebrews 11:1 & 6

  • VIDEO: FEATHER GAME: This game will help kids understand that even though they can’t see their breath, they can see the effects of blowing on the feather to keep it afloat.

What is faith? Ask your kids what they think faith is/means. Then watch this video to see what other kids say about faith.

  • VIDEO: KIDS EXPLAIN FAITH: God says in Hebrews 11:1- “Faith is being sure of what we hope for. It is being sure of what we do not see.”

    Remember when we played the Feather Game? We couldn’t see our breath, but we could feel it and see how it kept the feather from falling to the ground. That’s kind of like God. Just because we can’t see God, doesn’t mean we can’t see what He has done all around us.

    Hebrews 11:3 -“We have faith. So we understand that everything was made when God commanded it. That’s why we believe that what we see was not made out of what could be seen.”

    What are some things that God made? How many can you come up with? I’d love to know!

    We have faith that God made the world because the Bible says so (Genesis 1/ Hebrews 11:3) and we can see the things He made in person or in books or on the computer.

We can’t make things out of nothing like God, but we can put our faith in God into action and see what God does. Let’s try this activity.

  • ACTIVITY: Plant a seed. Watch it Grow!
    Planting seeds and waiting for them to grow is great way to teach and talk with your kids about faith. Yes, we can see the seed, the dirt, the pot and the water, but we can’t see what happens once we’ve planted the seed. We have faith that God will do the work inside the seed and make it grow into a plant.

    We will have to watch and wait for God to do His work in the seed. It may take a few weeks, but that’s another good thing for us to learn. God doesn’t always make things happen instantly. Sometimes we need to wait and watch and pray. We need to have faith and trust that God will do things in His time!

    We’ve learned that faith is believing in something that we can’t see. But having faith in God also means that we do the things that God wants us to do because we trust Him to take care of us. 

Here’s another example that teaches us about having faith in someone and trusting what they say.

  • OBJECT LESSON ON FAITH: As we read God’s Word we learn about other people who had faith in God and trusted Him to do what He said. Every week this summer, we’ll learn about someone know and how God used their faith in Him to do incredible things.

Let’s watch this video to get a peek into the lives of some of the people we’ll be learning about.


Story Time with Miss Becci is scheduled for this Thursday, June 4th on the Family Life @ Oakwood Church Facebook page. I’ll be reading When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner. I love this book! It’s message is every child is designed by God. He has a plan and purpose for their life. I pray every child knows, understands and lives in this truth! 

Until next time, remember God loves you so much! 

Becci Terrill
Children’s Director 



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