We Believe Experience (WBE)

Affirming Our Statement of Faith

Since 2016, Oakwood has invested 8-10 weeks each winter in the Community Bible Experience. We've completed reading the entire Bible together during that journey. 

January through March of 2021, we will continue our experience reading the Bible as a full church body during the We Believe Experience (WBE). Together, we will journey through the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) Statement of Faith. 

The EFCA Statement of Faith binds us together as a church family. Our WBE journey is designed to affirm what we believe and confirm that our the Statement of Faith is grounded in the Word of God. 

Read Our Statement of Faith

We Believe Experience

The We Believe Experience - WBE for short - is the name we've given this journey through our Statement of Faith. During this journey, we will: 

  • Review one article of the Statement of Faith each week for 10 weeks beginning Sunday, Jan. 17.
  • Use our own Bible or the Bible app to navigate Scripture.
  • Hear messages on Sundays related to the themes from each article. 
  • Treat every Monday like it's New Year's Day, considering it an opportunity to start fresh with that week's reading.

The We Believe Experience journal will guide you on our WBE journey. It includes the entire Statement of Faith, each individual article, each week's daily readings and room for notes. You can purchase a printed copy of the We Believe Experience journal for $5 and they'll be available for pick up outside the church office or on Sunday mornings beginning on Jan. 10. We recommend purchasing your own journal for note-taking purposes for adults, high school and middle school students (read more below about an option for kids).

Click here to purchase a print copy

Connect with a Group

If we want to grow together as disciples of Jesus, it's essential that we gather with family and friends to get our fingerprints in the Bible. Groups are gathering through Oakwood - online, at Oakwood and in homes - to journey through WBE together. Groups begin Jan. 14, but you can join a group at any time during WBE.

Explore the Group Opportunities List

Sign up for a Group

We’d love to help you start a WBE group. Consider inviting your family and friends to engage in the We Believe Experience with you—in person, over the phone, or online! To learn more about starting a discovery group, email Marcus Constantine.

Kids Can Follow Along

Kids can learn what we believe about God through the WBE Rescue & Reading Challenge for Kids! For the 10 weeks the adults are reading, kids will be challenged to read God's Word out loud to a pet they've rescued. Littles can hold their rescued pet while someone reads to them. Here's how it works: 

  • Kids with their parents/guardians can pick up a Rescue & Reading Challenge Kit that will include: 
    • One rescue pet
    • We Believe Experience reading guidebook
    • Reading calendar and stickers
  • There will be 5 days of Bible reading each week (they're short!).
  • Kids can track their reading progress on the included reading calendar with stickers! 
  • Kids can turn in their completed reading calendar to Miss Becci for a special treat! 

Our prayer for the Rescue & Reading Challenge is that kids will fall in love with reading God's Word and that it will be a rhythm that follows them for the rest of their lives. We also pray that, at a young age, they will know and believe the truths in God's Word for themselves. 

Sign up for a Rescue & Reading Challenge Kit

Rescue & Reading Challenge Kits will be available to pick up at Oakwood beginning Jan. 10.


If you have questions about the We Believe Experience, please reach out to Marcus Constantine. For questions about the Rescue & Reading Challenge, please reach out to Becci Terrill.

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